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Author Topic: New to Vera ? Have a look here.  (Read 59090 times)

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New to Vera ? Have a look here.
« on: March 05, 2017, 05:42:09 pm »
Welcome to Vera Smarter Home Control

Congratulations on your selection of Vera for home automation and control.The goal of this tutorial is to cover the first steps for new users. After performing the first-time setup, you will learn how to add new devices, automate them using Scenes and House Modes, and control them remotely.

First-time setup
First, using a computer browser visit https://home.getvera.com and click on "I have a new controller to set up" ,then follow the on-screen wizard to create an account and attach it to your Vera.

User Interface
The Vera Dashboard App, which we call UI7 is Vera's most capable and easy to use user interface (UI) ever. You use Vera UI7 to setup and control your Vera system.
Each Device must first be added to your Vera System for it to be recognized and controlled. This process is what is meant by "Adding Devices." Technically, when you add a Device you are establishing a communications link between the Device and your Vera Controller.
Your Vera System can easily be expanded using cameras.

The Scene Wizard enables you to harness what might be the most powerful aspect of your Vera system: creating custom Scenes (also called scripts) that define what will happen when a specified Trigger event occurs.
Control Vera with a Mobile App
Using the Vera mobile app you can control Vera within your own home, or from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the Internet. You can also control your Vera system using your iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android phone or tablet.
Works with Vera: Certified compatible devices
Vera Home Controllers are compatible with thousands of devices from many brands.Certified Partner Products listed on our Certified Partner Products page have been thoroughly tested in our labs for ease of pairing with your Vera system.

Getting help and contacting Customer Care
Sometimes you need a little help with your Vera controller, when you do our Customer Care Team is ready to help.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a developer ?
We do have an open API which you can use to build new plugins or even other web/mobile apps that can interact with our system.

To get more information about our API, please take a look at the Development section on our wiki:
Here is a good place to start regarding Luup plugins:
Here is the complete Luup API:
Here you can find more information on the Luup functions:Here you can find how to debug Luup plugins:Here is basic MiOS Web API(legacy):
For full MiOS WEB API, including server auth please submit a request here:
Here is some documentation which is helpful if you want to make a simple UI (web or phone app) for MiOS units:
UI Notes
UI Simple

The best plugin examples can be found on
code.mios.com, which is our plugins repository.
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