Author Topic: Viritual switch doesnt appear in My modes ,want Day and night to work with modes  (Read 320 times)

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Why doesnt a viritual switch appear in My modes?

If its not possible How do i get the Day and night app to work like this:

When "Home mode" is selected  IT turns on specific   lights only IF Day and night light is in night mode.?
/ Mattias
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I don't know how to get virtual switch to appear in my modes but there are a lot of examples in the forum topic:  "Vera - Smarter Home Control Forum ? Advanced ? Programming ? Scene Scripting"  how to write day/night app status into a scene.

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I think you need to create a scene or a set of scenes, and perhaps use a combination switch. For example, scenes to set a 2 condition combination switch be set to on when House Mode is Home and Day/Night is Night.  You can also use sunrise/sunset with offsets to get you more accurate conditions for the lights.  When both conditions are on, a scene can be triggered to turn on whatever lights you want on.

Personally, I use PLEG. You can get really fancy with the logic. For instance, you can use the Weather Underground plug-in to see if it is overcast, and offset the Night to account for clouds.
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