Author Topic: new onset of problem with "old" VeraMobile app (iPhone) for UI5 (green-leaf icon  (Read 44 times)

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I have three Vera3's using UI5 which I have been able to control on my iPhone6plus IOS 10.2 with the "old" Vera Mobile App (the one with a green leaf icon, compared to the "new" Vera Mobile app which has a "V" icon). This had been working for several years.

Within the last few months, I have noticed that when I control a switch (lightswitch or AC-plug) with that app, there is a bug where the switch starts cycling on-off-on-off-on-off.... endlessly, until I manually activate the hardswitch on the device itself.  This does not happen when I control the switches from the website, even if I am using my iPhone.  (The Vera Mobile app is more convenient than  going to the website, because for some reason on my iPhone I am required to enter my username and password every time on the website using Chrome, even though Chrome autofills the username/password on my Mac...)

Once, recently, when I started the Vera Mobile app it gave me an error which I don't remember but was something to do with my IOS not being fully compatible with the app in some way.   (I didn't write the error down thinking I would see it again, but I haven't...)

Is there a way to get the old Vera Mobile app to function properly?
(I read about so many problems that I am very leary about converting my Vera3 to UI7, so that I can use the new Vera Mobile app...)

Or, Anybody know a way to get Chrome to autofill the username/password for the website on an iphone?