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Author Topic: [_CODE_] LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS (for Squeezebox/Transporter/Touch owners)  (Read 6735 times)

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EOL, unsupported.

If you own a Squeezebox V2, a Squeezebox V3 or a Transporter or a Touch and you would like to control your IR capable devices via IR, then LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS is the solution for you.

  • Install the IR Blaster plugin (http://www.gwendesign.com/slimserver/dev_hard_and_software.htm#irblaster),
  • plug an IR transmitter into the phones/IR jack of your Squeezebox/Transporter/Touch,
  • download the LIRC configuration file for the device you would like to control via IR (http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/) or use the IR Learning wizard (part of IR Blaster) to create a new LIRC configuration file for your remote,
  • upload the LIRC configuration file to your Squeezebox Server and reload the LIRC configuration files (check the configuration page for IR Blaster for instructions),
  • upload the LIRC configuration file to your Vera ('MiOS developers' -> 'Luup files' -> 'Upload file'); no need to restart Luup after upload,
  • copy the LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS Lua code (see attachment) into the 'MiOS developers' -> 'Test Luup code (Lua)' window,
  • set the variable remote_file to the name of the LIRC configuration file,
  • run the code: click 'Go'; LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS will create four files which define the new Luup device,
  • find out the name of the new Luup device: 'MiOS developers' -> 'Luup files', D_SIR_....xml,
  • create an instance of the new Luup device: 'MiOS developers' -> 'Create device' -> 'UpnpDevFilename': D_SIR_....xml -> 'Create device',
  • restart the Lua engine, wait for plugin startup (startup fails because variables aren't set), restart the Lua engine once more,
  • set SBS_IP_address, SBS_CLI_port, SBS_IR_transmitter_MAC ('Advanced' tab of the new Luup device),
  • SAVE your changes, click 'Continue' (Lua engine restarts),
  • test the installation: click on 'Test' ('UPnP actions' tab of the new Luup device).

Short summary for LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS:

  • LIRC configuration file

  • Luup device, consisting of:
  • D_SIR_...xml.lzo  (device description)
  • D_SIR_...json.lzo (GUI representation)
  • I_SIR_...xml.lzo  (implementation)
  • S_SIR_...xml.lzo  (service description)

Your new Luup device is a fully compliant UPnP device, whose UPnP actions (IR commands) can be added to the 'Advanced' tab of your scenes ('Pick a device').

System setup:
Code: [Select]
                            ---------------          ----------             --------
                            | Squeezebox/ | WiFi/LAN |  SBS   |   SBS CLI   | Vera |
   IR Transmitter <-------> | Transporter | <------> |        | <---------> |      |
                            ---------------          ----------             --------
                         SBS_IR_transmitter_MAC    SBS_IP_address

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Re: LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS (for Squeezebox/Transporter owners)
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2011, 09:11:40 pm »
Hey Ap, you are really pushing me to buy a Squeezebox  ;)

Another great plugin. Good work!

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Re: [_CODE_] LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS (for Squeezebox/Transporter/Touch owners)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2012, 06:53:53 pm »
LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS confirmed to be compatible with UI5.
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LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS confirmed to be compatible with UI5.

Hi Ap15e,

My apologies if the following question seems really basic, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to control my audio/video/fans,etc using the IR blaster capability(via the cheap IRBlaster)of the Squeezebox since I have a few of those scattered throughout the house.

I can't seem to be able to install the IRBlaster plugin on my SBS (using v7.8) or can't seem to be able to access the settings of the plugin.
I was wondering how you and other gurus in this forum used to control their A/V with the Squeezebox? Is the LIRC2LuupDevice4SBS still the way to go even though it is EOLed ?
I'm aware of the SQ Blaster, but would really like to stick to Squeezebox solution.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Just a FYI, ap15e no longer participates in this forum.

- Garrett