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Plugin: Rainforest Eagle Model 100 and 200 Smart Meter
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:23:20 pm »
I've just published an updated Rainforest Eagle Plugin that works with both the model 100 and 200 to read your whole house power consumption or generation when paired with a smart meter.  This is based on robertmm's original plugin.  It's been extensively rewritten to handle the Model 200 and switches from using the undocumented XML port to the partially documented web port on the Model 100.

You'll find it in the Mios app store here.  Current version is 0.74:

It's also available in the AltAppStore.  The model 100 has been tested on openLuup and UI5 Vera Lite.  The model 200 has been tested on openLuup and UI5 Vera Lite and UI7.

1) install from the marketplace
2) go to the advanced tab and fill in the IP address of the Eagle as the EagleIP device variable.  This is not the IP attribute in Vera.  This must be a static IP that you set up in your router.
3) fill in the Mac Address, the Install Code, and the Cloud ID from the bottom of your Eagle (see picture) also in the advanced tab - see 2nd picture (remove any spaces when filling in these codes)
4) fill in the EagleModel variable that you have in the advanced tab (this is not "Model" in the advanced tab)
5) reload

If you have any issues, post here and include a log file if possible.

There is one more variable that you can modify: MeteringType.  The default is 0 which means the grid only delivers energy to you.  1 means the grid only receives energy from you, and 2 means energy goes both ways (for example you have solar panels and the grid receives from you during the day and the delivers to you at night).

'From Grid' is the absolute number on the meter in kWh for energy delivered to you.  'To Grid' is the energy received by the grid (e.g., with solar).  'Current' is the net kWh, positive if the grid has delivered more to you, negative if the grid has received more from you.  'Reset' is used to reset the 'Current' value to zero whenever you would like.  I run it from a scene once per month.  Then 'Current' shows the net kWh I have received or delivered in the current month - or you could reset it on your billing date.

On UI5 the model 100 requires dkjson which you can get from here:
On openLuup the model 200 requires lxp which you can get: sudo apt-get install lua-expat
UI7 shouldn't need anything else: it already has dkjson and lxp

0.74 Release: New device variable is used for the Eagle IP address instead of the Vera attribute which is disappearing for some.  You must set the 'EagleIP' device variable to the fixed IP of your Eagle device.
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