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Author Topic: Basic Alarm System – Problem with Motion Sensor Delayed Commands  (Read 1644 times)

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Trying now 6 weeks to solve this... my problem re-explained:

I have:
- battery operated HSM100 motion sensor
- Kwickset Door Lock
- Appliance module/switch to turn on a 110V sirene

The motion sensor is set variable “ON TIME” 5 minutes. I guess it means once tripped it stays 5 minutes “tripped” before it goes back to “No tripped”.
For that reason I have in the event “lock button pressed” (Kwickset Look) set the ARM motion sensor AFTER 5 minutes. Otherwise I cause the event “Motion Sensor Tripped” and the command “Turn on siren” in the same moment I press the lock button. So, with the 5 minutes delay I am able to lock the door without causing the alarm to come on. After 5 minutes my alarm is armed.
BUT, very likely I forget something in the home and need to go back into the home within the 5 minutes after I pressed the lock button. I enter my code and that causes correct the even “correct code entered” and is sends right away the command “disarm (bypass) the motion sensor”. Here comes the BUT…. But the prior 5 minutes timer to arm the sensor does NOT get canceled out. Means 5 min after the initial pressed lock button the motion sensor goes into armed instead keeping it bypassed. That causes me to trigger my alarm/sirene....
How to cancel the prior send 5 minutes delayed ARM command? Or how to solve this otherwise?

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